• Yosemite upgrade and network locations

    upgrading yosemite network locations

    Day to day I’m often at various sites most of which have some form of proxy configuration. To save myself having to change and remember the specific details for each site / customer, I normally create a new location for each site and switch using the Apple menu (there’s your pro tip for this post!) […]


  • New “Reachability” feature in OS X YoYo server

    yosemite server app

    Being the type of guy I am and in the role I am, I updated my home server to OS X Yosemite (10.10) over the first weekend of release. After fighting some I/O errors on the boot drive (another story for another time), I eventually got it running. As usual I had a poke around […]


    10 OS X Finder tips that still work with Yosemite

    os x finder yosemite logo

    Greetings again Mac enthusiasts! With the recent release of OS X Yosemite, I thought I would keep the excitement going with some useful tips that have been around on the Mac for a while and still work with Yosemite! Over the last couple of months, I have noticed that whilst delivering a collection of Amsys […]


    Mac Meetup – Yosemite – 6th November – London


    Following Apple’s announcements last night, we have decided to hold a Mac Meetup for everyone in London on 6th November. We hope that you can join us, which will also feature a 30 min talk and demo on the new features and benefits of Yosemite and iOS 8. As always, this will be a very […]


    When 16GB is no longer enough!


    So a strange thing is happening with iOS 8 adoptions among iOS users. Apple released iOS 8 on the 17th September and within a week the adoption rate was 46% of active App Store users. Three weeks on and the adoption rate is only 47%, an increase of 1%. If you compare this to where […]


    Firefox CCK2 lockdown Casper Extension Attributes


    Hey everyone. On another recent project, I had a secondary education client running Firefox, and they wanted to have the customisations installed. Typically I’d fire up CCK2, build them, package the finished product and push this out, as per my blog. This time, partially because they were using Casper, I wanted a method that would […]


    Add a SharePoint bookmark in Microsoft Office 2011 to 100 Macs using Bash


    Making changes on one Mac can easily be made using the GUI interface, but managing a large number of workstations (especially when performing the same operation) can unnecessarily consume too much of your time. I recently had to add a bookmark for a SharePoint location for Microsoft Office 2011 applications. Doing so on one Mac […]


    New iCloud tool released by Apple to verify iOS Activation Lock status

    ios activation lock feature

    Yesterday, Apple made another webpage available to assist users with iOS security. This time, the website lets users verify the status of an iOS device’s Activation Lock feature. Available since iOS 7, Activation Lock is a bolt on to the Find my iPhone service, protecting lost or stolen iOS devices by locking out users who […]


    Apple has released patches for the Bash vulnerability


    Since the announcement of the vulnerability in Bash, Apple has released patches for Mavericks, Mountain Lion and Lion. It is recommended that you download and install these patches, asap! Mavericks Mountain Lion Lion  


    Nice hidden iOS 8 features


    iOS 8 has many new features, some of which perhaps aren’t as widely known. From playing on my iOS device and browsing the browsing the web, I have discovered some of the following hidden gems! Send your iOS device’s last location to Apple – before your battery drains If you’ve ever lost or misplaced your […]