• Amsys Training partner with Belgium’s, The Catena Company


    Earlier this month we partnered with The Catena Company, to license our custom training courses to the Belgium training market. The Catena company has been a trusted Apple Training Partner for quite some time and have a long-standing relationship with Apple. In today’s blog, Alex Hawes, our Managing Director and Eddy Smets, Catena’s CEO, discuss […]


  • Locking down Firefox with CCK 2


    Hello again. Yes it’s another Firefox lockdown blog, and a second CCK one, but I have good reasons! I promise! Firstly, Firefox has changed a little from version 24 to the (at time of writing) current version 30. Secondly, the excellent Mike Kaply has released a ‘new-proved’ (that’s new and improved) CCK, version 2, which […]


    The best way to really learn something is to actually do it


    Philip Hodder from Encodis Consulting, first embarked on his app development journey with Amsys last year, by taking our 5 day iOS app development course, to turn an idea that he had been exploring into an app. The app is called “RTQ” and was recently accepted onto the App Store. Congratulations Philip! We got in […]


    Writing data into existing home folders as part of an installation package


    I have been in a few scenarios where we need to deploy a package and put a file into the home folder of each user on the target system. Of course if we are using Casper we can just create a DMG package and use the “fill existing users” option. The below script gives you […]


    Plymouth University – The results are in!


    Late last year we embarked on a journey with Plymouth University to bring an innovative and collaborative Apple Support service to the University’s Mac and iOS devices for staff and students. As we near the anniversary we wanted to find out just what our users thought of the service. After all, it’s no good just thinking […]


    London Apple Admins debut event sponsored by Amsys


    London Apple Admins has been founded by London based system admins, Ben Toms and Graham Gilbert. If you’re a regular twitter user, you may already be following these two popular tweeters! Earlier on this year, Ben got in touch with us to see whether we could help them get their new event idea off of […]


    Gatekeeper changes coming


    Gatekeeper was introduced in Mountain Lion and OS X Lion v10.7.5. It’s used to help protect your Mac from malware and misbehaving apps downloaded from the Internet. The safest and most reliable place to download and install apps is via the Mac App Store. For apps that are downloaded from places other than the Mac App Store, […]


    Handy iOS 7 tips and tricks

    handy ios 7 tips and tricks

    I’ve recently been delivering some bespoke iOS training courses across London and realised that there were quite a few useful tips and tricks that I was demonstrating, which long time users of iPhones and iPads were just were not aware of. So, to continue in Amsys’ ongoing mission to ‘spread the Apple love’, I thought […]


    Removing the NTSC presets from Final Cut Pro 7

    final cut pro

    Hey everyone. On a recent consultancy project I had a higher education client running Final Cut Pro X but they still needed access to Final Cut Pro 7 for some legacy items. To assist their student’s choices when starting a new project, they asked that all NTSC presets be removed for the ‘new project wizard’ […]


    Why Apple Training is now more important than ever

    apple ibm training

    Following Apple and IBM’s announcement this year about their new global enterprise partnership, it has never been more important that your technical staff and users have the right skills, tools and support to manage, deploy and secure your Apple devices. This new partnership has set a clear, resounding precedent. Apple is serious about taking a […]