• How to use the Emoji Skin Tones in OS X & iOS

    ios 8

    Apple recently released its OS X v10.10.3 and iOS v8.3 updates. Amongst the large list of bug fixes and improvements came “a redesigned Emoji keyboard with over 300 new characters”! Not just that, but there are now various skin tones and hair colours available for most of the ‘people’ Emojis. So, now you don’t have […]


  • Microsoft, iOS and New Dev Tools

    microsoft development

    This week saw Microsoft host its developer conference and announced a host of exciting new tools for iOS and OS X developers. The first piece of news is that Microsoft will be adding a new toolkit to Visual Studio, which is their development platform, that will allow iOS developers to port their existing iOS apps […]


    The dreaded D word – Documentation (Part 1)


    Yup, for most techies, the dreaded “D” word. Give most admins a new network or a new server to install and they’ll leap to the task. Ask them to document the work they are doing and you can hear the groan. I’ve decided to use this post to delve into the advantages of Documentation to […]


    Pro Video Formats 2.01


    A few days ago Apple released the Pro Video Formats 2.01 update for OS X. A lot of people have noticed that after installing the update, it keeps re-appearing as an available update to install within the Mac App Store app. There are a number of fixes for this but one of the simplest is […]


    Apple Watch: Start Your Developer Engines

    developing apps for apple watch using objective c

    Today the first batch of Apple Watches should start shipping to those lucky few. So I thought it would be nice to have an overview of WatchKit, the development platform from Apple that allows you to build Apps for the Apple Watch. The Architecture So as it stands at the moment, true native apps cannot […]


    Don’t miss the OS X Yosemite Server Seminar

    os x server seminar london

    Are you thinking about integrating OS X into Active Directory and would like to understand this subject matter better including best practices? If so, then attend the OS X Yosemite Server 1 day seminar on the 22nd of May in London. Amsys Training is hosting this one-off seminar, led by our Apple Master Trainer, that […]


    Understanding Apple’s Device Enrolment Program (DEP)

    apple dep guide

    DEP or Device Enrollment Program is a new service from Apple that lets you automatically enrol new devices (OS X & iOS) with your MDM as they progress through the setup assistant. Up until now, connecting devices to a management system has required some user interaction, either by IT or the end user. We have […]


    Mac Printing Scripts Mashup

    printing scripts mash ups

    Hi all. I’m doing something a little different this time and I’ve got 4 small scripts relating to printers on Mac that I’d like to share. They’ve been pulled together from various places and tweaked many times since I’ve started using them and I thought I should share what I’ve got. Hopefully they’ll help save […]


    Thanks for attending the Mac Meetup with JAMF Software

    mac meetup london logo

    Thanks to everyone who made it to the Mac Meetup with JAMF Software earlier on this week, making it the biggest and best event yet! The event was hosted at our new Apple Support and Service Centre in London and the topic of the night was DEP and the Casper Suite. JAMF Software’s, Gib Chan […]


    The latest OS X and iOS 8 updates

    os x yosemite logo

    Yesterday Apple released two new updates to both Yosemite and iOS 8, which have addressed a number of key features and issues, including: The issue that could cause Macs bound to an Active Directory server to become unresponsive at startup Improved Wi-Fi performance and connectivity in various usage scenarios A number of security fixes This […]