• Clearing stubborn Print queues

    mac printer queues

    I recently spent a day onsite during half term looking at a set of iMacs that were intermittently pausing their print queues. I used a few different terminal commands to work around the issue so I thought I’d share the findings. The setup was a classroom of Macs with a single HP A3 colour laser […]


  • Munki 2: Upgrading Your Clients and Using Munki Admin


    Hi all. Welcome to the third part in my Munki 2 blogs: The on-going guide to get Munki newbies up and running with a basic setup to cut your teeth on! This blog is designed as an ‘updater’ blog to my previous two Munki blogs: “Munki Configuration Part 4: MunkiAdmin.app and “Munki Configuration Part 5: […]


    Where does Apple Mail & Outlook store your attachments?

    attachment folders apple mail

    Every file that is sent to you by e-mail is then stored in a specific folder. Why Would I Need To Know Where Attachments Are Stored? If you have ever opened an attachment from an e-mail, worked on it and pressed “Save” instead of “Save As” the document is saved to this specific location. The […]


    OS X Yosemite Hidden Feature Series – Part 3

    os x yosemite logo

    Continuing on with our series looking at features of OS X Yosemite that aren’t as well known or documented, Part 3 will focus on features in Apple’s Mail client. Despite the graphical overhaul of OS X Yosemite, Mail as an app seems to function in similar way to how it was in OS X Mavericks and […]


    What’s on at this year’s Amsys Training Summer Camp

    summer camp 2015

    Join us for the annual Summer Camp this year in Portugal, our intensive training programme for Mac Admins and iOS Developers. This year we have added 2 new training tracks plus a brand new course! What’s The Summer Camp? The Amsys Training Summer Camp has been running for the last 10 years and provides Apple […]


    Understanding the Mac OS X Keychain

    os x keychain

    Online services, banking, social media, encrypted hard drives, everything wants to know your password before allowing you access. My list of login credentials is growing slowly and remembering them is not possible anymore. With the advance of the internet and the world of IT becoming so ubiquitous, security policies require stronger and stronger passwords that […]


    Creating Config Profiles instead of a First Boot Script

    config profiles

    As a follow up to my first boot script blog, I wanted to spend a bit more time with configuration profiles to see if they could be used to replace some or all of it. It has become increasingly apparent that Apple is in favour of managing settings via configuration profiles and the MDM system […]


    Quick Tip: How to open System Preferences quickly

    system preferences osx

    If like me you regularly access System Preferences to change settings then the following tip may help you open System Preferences quicker. Open System Preferences using Keyboard Shortcuts: On your keyboard use ALT + F2, which opens up the Display system pane. Then use CMD + L, which will change from the Display system pane […]


    How to delete Keychains at logout

    keychain logout

    I’ve been asked quite a few times whether it’s possible to disable the Keychain functionality in OS X. This is a fairly critical part of the OS, so the short answer is no, but there are some workarounds that suit certain environments, particularly deleting the Keychain at logout. Why would you want to do this? […]


    Munki 2: What’s New in Munki 2.1 and 2.2


    Hi all. Well, since we published my intro to Munki 2 blog, Greg has continued his forward march and released two full versions since! This blog will give a rough overview of the shiny new features in these releases! So, Munki 2.1? Munki 2.1 was released on 16th December 2014 with 2 main new features […]