• Apple opens OS X betas to non-developers


    So with WWDC fast approaching Apple have just released a change in their policy regarding betas. In the past you had to be a signed up developer to access pre-release copies of OS X. This has now changed. Apple have just announced that non developers can access beta releases of OS X via its new […]


  • The UK’s first Mac walk-in Service Desk at a University!

    plymouth university

    Back in January of this year, Plymouth University opened “The CORE”. The CORE is the first Mac walk-in Service Desk at a University in the UK. The service, which is staffed by Amsys Apple Certified Technicians, provides staff and students with a walk-in Mac support service, similar to that of the “Genius Bar” at the […]


    An Introduction to iBeacons Seminar


    Last summer, iBeacons was quietly released along with iOS 7 with little fanfare, however, over the last few months this technology has started to gain traction within the technology market and has already been adopted by a number of high profile organisations. Indeed, back in November we started work with iBeacon transmitter manufacturer, Estimote on […]


    Heartbleed: What it means for you and how to protect your business

    heart bleed 2014

    The Heartbleed bug is hitting the headlines, and many people are talking about a huge compromise in IT. Here’s some succinct information for you to keep up to date. What is it? The Heartbleed bug is a vulnerability using OpenSSL, which is type of common cryptographic protocols to protect data: SSL and TLS. These are […]


    How to quickly access and search unix command man pages


    Here’s something I stumbled across recently. I have no idea how long this feature has existed for, but I am really pleased I found it! Apologies to those that already know this, but despite using the Terminal on a Mac for years, I never knew about this! If you double-click on a unix command in […]


    Rebuild the Spotlight Index on the fly


    If you’re having issues finding files on your Mac, then you can easily rebuild the Spotlight index for your Mac by typing the following command into the Terminal: sudo mdutil -E After you do that, you will notice, after a few minutes, that when  you click the Spotlight button in the menu bar, Spotlight will […]


    How to hide and disable icons on your desktop


    Over the last few weeks, I have been preparing to do a WebEx‎ presentation whereby I will need to share my desktop. However, it’s in a bit of a mess! So, I had two options, either I clean up or try to hide it! The clean up option meant that I would have to put […]


    A new Apple Certified Master Trainer joins the Amsys team!


    Back in April last year, Apple announced their new certification for Apple Certified trainers called the “Apple Certified Master Trainer”. This certification recognises Apple Certified trainers “who build their skills and knowledge around Apple technologies” and “stand out as experts.” Now we can proudly say that we have a full house at Amsys Training as […]


    Thank you to everyone who attended the Manchester open day

    manchester open day

    Last week we hosted an open day with our sister company Soho Editors at our new training centre at The Sharp Project. The day kicked off with a networking breakfast, followed by a packed 2hr seminar or iOS App Development and an hour on Final Cut Pro X by Soho Editors, which was so popular […]


    Introducing iOS Server


    OS X Server has always run on Mac hardware. However, with the advent of cheaper, mobile and energy efficient iOS devices such as iPads, the Amsys team have always thought it would be fantastic if you could utilise these devices to run the server product, as well. Just think how wonderful it would be to […]