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Advanced Objective C-Development

Become an advanced developer in Objective-C

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Level: Advanced
Price: £597.00 (+VAT)

Take this course to deepen your Objective-C programming knowledge enabling you to develop efficient, smooth-running iOS applications, due to your advanced understanding of key topics such as concurrency and other advanced features in Objective-C.

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Course Overview

If you have mastered Beginning Objective-C Development, take this course to bring your Objective-C development skills to the next level.

By learning the advanced concepts of Objective-C you will be able to develop efficient, smooth-running iOS applications, due to your advanced understanding of key topics such as concurrency and other advanced features in Objective-C. During the Advanced Objective-C course, you will learn a wide range of topics including, Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), blocks and key value coding.

Our smaller class size will help ensure that you get all your questions answered. All our development courses are taught by developers who have developed real world applications. And remember, Amsys offer free technical support and help after the course. So when you get back to the office and still have a few questions, we are here to help


This is an advanced course and you will therefore be expected to have significant experience prior to attending. As a guide, to take this course, you should:

  • Have good mid-level experience of working with Objective-C
  • Have successfully completed our iOS App Development – The Fundamentals course
  • Have experience in building iOS apps, including an understanding of view controllers, controls and tables
  • Be able to read the detailed agenda and understand the terminology

If you’re in any doubt about your suitability for this course, please call our training pros on 020 8645 5806 who will be pleased to discuss your training needs in more detail.

Who should take Advanced Objective-C Development?

  • Intermediate Objective-C app developers
  • Graduates of iOS App Development – The Fundamentals course
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This two-day intensive programming course has been created to teach you a higher level of understanding about the Objective-C language. There’s plenty of lab time to allow you to re-enforce what you have learnt.

Detailed Agenda

  • Overview: We first start with a recap on how Classes and Objects are implemented in Objective-C
  • Inheritance: We take a deeper look at inheritance and how you can use it to extend your classes
  • Composition: Composition is another way of extending your classes. You can more complex classes from multiple simpler ones
  • Categories: Learn how to use categories to extend the functionality of existing classes. Very useful if you want to extend a class that you do not have the source code for
  • Protocols: Protocols are used intensively by Apple throughout their APIs. A protocol specifies what methods a class must implement
  • Dynamic Typing: Learn how Objective-C uses dynamic typing to make decisions about classes and objects at run-time. Run-time programming is what makes Objective-C unique and very versatile
  • Key Value Coding: Learn how KVC allows you to access objects in a more flexible way than hard coded statements
  • Key Value Observing: Learn how KVO is used to monitor and respond to objects whose state has changed
  • Predicates: Learn how to use predicates to build dynamic statements which evaluate properties and collections
  • Blocks: Introduction to Blocks. Learn what blocks are and how to create them and utilise them. Blocks are becoming a key skill every developer will need
  • MultiThreading: Learn how to use Grand Central Dispatch to make your applications more efficient on multi core CPUs
  • Errors: Learn how to capture errors and exceptions in your code


There are two iOS certifications available when you take this course:

  1. Take the Advanced Swift Development course and pass the exam to gain your Amsys Certification in Advanced Swift
  2. Then take the Advanced iOS App Development with Swift course and pass the exam to gain your Amsys Certification in Advanced Development using Swift, which will verify your ability to develop iOS apps using the Swift language to an advanced level

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take this course?

You can join a public course at our training centre in central London or, if you’d like a private course, we can run it in any of our facilities (Surrey, London and Manchester) or we can arrange to run it at a location of your choice.

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Important detail about the course



Course length

2 days

Training hours

09:30 – 17:30 with one hour for lunch

Class size

Maximum eight delegates


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