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Mac Support for PC Technicians 10.12

£650.00 (+VAT)

We challenge you to find a more comprehensive Mac support conversion course than this. After a properly intensive two days of hands-on training, you’ll be ready to take the exam to qualify as an Apple Certified Associate and ready to take your place at work as an authoritative Mac support tech. The courseware has been specifically developed for experienced PC users and assumes that most, if not all, technical knowledge is currently Windows-based.

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Course Overview

Mac Support for PC Technicians 10.12 is an intensive 2-day training course for PC techs that need to install and support Macs running the macOS operating system on their MS Windows networks. It covers integrating Macs into a Windows environment in great detail. In fact, we believe it’s the most comprehensive macOS course for PC Techs in existence.

The courseware has been specifically developed for experienced PC users and assumes that most, if not all, technical knowledge is currently Windows-based. To accelerate learning, our Apple Master Trainers teach students crossover techniques by relating features in macOS to the Windows equivalent they are already familiar with.

This really is a very intensive course, as the agenda below should indicate, so please pay particular attention to the prerequisites



This course is only classed as beginner-level when it comes to Mac and macOS, but you the material still assumes that you have a basic understanding of macOS and its terminology. To benefit from this course, you really need to be an established PC tech looking to extend skills, not a complete IT beginner.

If you don’t have any macOS experience, you may find it useful to attend our Getting Started with macOS course.

If you’re in any doubt about your suitability for this course, please call our training pros on 020 8645 5806 who will be pleased to discuss your training needs in more detail.

Who should take Mac Support for PC Technicians?

  • Help desk specialists, technical coordinators, service technicians or IT professionals
  • Technical coordinators or power users who manage networks
  • Teachers and technology specialists who manage classroom networks or computer labs
  • Resellers, distributors, systems integrators, and consultants selling or integrating Macs into a Windows environment
  • Techs wishing to obtain the Apple Certified Associate – Mac Integration 10.12 certification
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  • macOS vs MS Windows: features and troubleshooting
  • macOS installation and configuration, upgrades and recovery features
  • Software updates and the Mac App store
  • macOS user accounts: types, features, creation, management and security
  • TCP/IP networking with macOS
  • Network accounts and directory services, integrating macOS into a network domain of users
  • Connecting macOS devices to File Servers
  • Mail, Calendar, Contact and Messaging services including MS Exchange and Gmail integration
  • macOS security best practice
  • Printing with macOS
  • Data management and migration
  • Mac backup best practice restoring data
  • Cross-platform compatibility issues
  • Options for running Windows on Mac hardware
  • Various startup boot modes to resolve system issues
  • How to save time and money by efficiently integrating your macOS users into your existing environment

Detailed Agenda

Installation & macOS Recovery: Set up stand-alone macOS workstations while comparing the setup process to Microsoft Windows. Prepare and partition the drive, install macOS Sierra, use the installer log files to verify a successful installation, booting to macOS Recovery, configure macOS Sierra with the Setup Assistant, installing configuration profiles, tips and techniques for troubleshooting an installation problem.

Users Accounts & Permissions: Create user accounts so that multiple users can share a workstation, each user having a personal account and workspace. During this chapter we will compare the different types of users and permissions available and how they compare to Microsoft Windows File Systems. Password creation and resets. You will also look at how to setup your Mac to host Microsoft Exchange through the inbuilt software.

Security: A look at how macOS Sierra provides a safe working environment with inbuilt security features. Securing user data by choosing a strong password, password assistant features, security and privacy settings, enabling FileVault 2, How to protect your Mac system by setting a firmware password and learning about antivirus features, Gatekeeper overview, How to enable network security by configuring the macOS firewall and VPN access services.

File Systems: An in-depth look into how macOS Sierra is structured, how you can manage volumes on your mac and managing hidden items. Also looking at the many features such as Mission Control, Auto Save, Versions and Resume. How to work with files created on a PC and how to transfer mac files to a Windows computer.

Data Management: A look how the mac handles backing up data using inbuilt Time Machine software, how to create file archives and also how to get your PC data transferred to your Mac using Migration Assistant.

Applications: Find out which applications run in El Capitan and how to manage files in cross-platform environments. Apps with built-in support for Windows file types. Also how you can troubleshoot application issues which may arise.

Boot Camp & Windows Virtualisation: How to set up your Mac to run Windows operating systems natively with Boot Camp, and about virtual options for running Windows.

Network Configuration & Troubleshooting: Basic networking configuration, TCP/IP networking, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, multiple network connections, appropriate use of network locations, isolating and troubleshooting network elements. Compare how you set up Network settings for macOS compares to Microsoft Windows.

Accessing Network Services: Connecting to common network resources, AFP, SMB, SSH, FTP, and WebDAV connections, Bonjour, NetBIOS, the network browser and dynamic service discovery, Connecting macOS systems to file servers, how to create automatic connecting shares, Directory Service overview, Using Active Directory and Open Directory, Configuring a Mac to use a network account, Directory Service features, techniques to isolate client software issues from network issues.

Providing Network Services: Enabling network services on a macOS Sierra client, peer-to-peer collaboration, Personal File Sharing, screen sharing, AirDrop,

Peripherals & Printing: See how peripherals are supported in macOS with an emphasis on USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt buses. Compare the CUPS print engine used in macOS to Microsoft’s print engine. Printer support in macOS, how to configure your Mac to print to a locally connected printer, how to share printers, how to configure printer features.

Troubleshooting Tools: Troubleshooting the different stages of the macOSstartup sequence. Review various resources and practices to troubleshoot workstation problems. macOS Boot modes and login issue tips.


The Mac Integration Basics v10.12 exam can be taken after this course. Students who successfully pass this exam will receive the Apple Certified Associate – Mac Integration 10.12 certification

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take this course?

You can join a public course at our training centre in central London or, if you’d like a private course, we can run it in any of our facilities (Surrey, London and Manchester) or we can arrange to run it at a location of your choice.

Is there an exam with this course?

Yes, there is an exam which leads to ACA qualification

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Important detail about the course



Course length

2 days

Training hours

09:30 – 17:30 with one hour for lunch

Class size

Maximum eight delegates


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