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Advanced iOS App Development (Swift)

Take your app development to enterprise-class level

advanced iOS development Swift
Level: Advanced
Price: £1,650.00 (+VAT)

Advanced iOS App Development (Swift) is the only course of its kind that offers detailed and hands-on training to advanced enterprise app development level with a formal certification exam and certificate at the end. This fast-paced and practical course quickly equips you with skills in the language, the tools and the frameworks giving you deep insight into their underlying mechanisms.

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Course Overview

Advanced iOS App Development (Swift) is the only course of its kind that offers detailed training to enterprise app development level with a formal certification exam and certificate at the end. Our fast-paced and hands-on course quickly equips you with skills in the language, the tools, and the frameworks giving you deep insight into their underlying mechanisms.

Our development courses are all taught by developers who have coded and developed real world apps themselves.

The course has been designed to follow straight on from ‘iOS App Development – The Fundamentals‘, but is also ideal for mid-level developers who want to formalise their learning and gain certification.

Advanced iOS App Development covers the key areas most commonly used in creating an deploying business or enterprise apps. The instructor covers a wide range of topics including:

  • Accessing data on backend office systems using internet standards like JSON and RSS
  • Access iPhone native apps using appropriate frameworks
  • Securing data
  • Working with location data
  • Database access, including core data and SQLite
  • Social media integration
  • Animating views
  • Deployment

Following this course you will be able to take the Amsys Certification in Advanced Development using Swift exam. No matter what your business is, this course will help you build great apps for your users.

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This is an advanced course and you will therefore be expected to have significant experience prior to attending. As a guide, to take this course, you should:

  • Have good mid-level experience of working with Swift
  • Have successfully completed our iOS App Development – The Fundamentals course
  • Have experience in building iOS apps, including an understanding of view controllers, controls and tables
  • Be able to read the detailed agenda and understand the terminology

Who should take Advanced iOS App Development (Swift)?

  • Intermediate Swift app developers
  • Graduates of iOS App Development – The Fundamentals course
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What You’ll learn on the course

Get to know intermediate and advanced APIs to help you build and integrate apps into your business. Learn the tools, the libraries, the concepts, and the best ways in order to get things done, with plenty of hands-on exercises to reinforce it all.

  • Printing: Learn how to find and print to AirPrint compatible printers
  • Multitasking: Learn how make sure of iOS’s multi tasking capabilities including background file transfers, completing tasks in the background, location updates and fetching data
  • Social Media: Learn how to integrate your app with social media sites using Apple’s frameworks for Facebook and Twitter
  • Contacts: Learn how to access the local contacts by using the Contacts Framework.
  • Calendars: Learn how to access the local calendar by using the Event Kit Framework.
  • Location and Map Services: Learn how to display maps, navigate to certain locations, drop pins as markers and find your location
  • Push NotificationsUnderstand how push services work and how you can utilise them to send messages to your users
  • Localisation: iOS supports over 40 languages. Learn how to localise your app to support multiple languages
  • Document Handling: Learn how to handle, display and move documents within your app and between applications
  • SQLite: Learn how to create and populate local databases to store app data using SQLite
  • CloudKit: Learn how to take advantage of Apple’s CloudKit services to store data in the cloud and between devices
  • Core Data: Learn how to use Core Data to manage and store your objects in a persistent store
  • Keychain and Security: Learn how to store passwords securely as well as other security techniques to protect your data
  • JSON and web services: Learn how to access web services including JSON  and RSS to access data on remote servers
  • Advanced AutoLayout, Size Classes and UIStackViews: Learn some of the more advanced features of adaptive layouts including using auto layout in code, creating constraints between objects on different hierarchy  and animating UIStackViews
  • UIView Animations: Learn how to animate your views to make them look better and more appealing
  • Defaults: Learn how to use the NSUserDefaults class to make saving app preferences a lot easier.
  • Custom Segues: Learn how to create custom segues to provide alternative animations and functionality
  • Testing: Learn how to use Xcode to create Unit Tests and UI tests to help further debug your applications
  • Distributing Apps: Learn how to distribute your app to your end users

Amsys Certified Advanced Developer(ACAD)

There are two iOS certifications available when you take this course:

  • Take the Advanced Swift Development course and pass the exam to gain your Amsys Certification in Advanced Swift
  • Then take the Advanced iOS App Development with Swift course and pass the exam to gain your Amsys Certification in Advanced Development using Swift, which will verify your ability to develop iOS apps using the Swift language to an advanced level.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I take this course?

You can join a public course at our training centre in central London or, if you’d like a private course, we can run it in any of our facilities (Surrey, London and Manchester) or we can arrange to run it at a location of your choice.

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Important detail about the course



Course Length

5 days

Training hours

09:30 – 17:30 with one hour for lunch

Class size

Maximum eight delegates


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